03/04/2022: Recovery Support Peer Specialist Training every weekend in March. I am super excited about this opportunity. The training seats have been filled! Twenty people! I have always enjoyed the opportunity to pass along knowledge. I truly believe that knowledge is power and it is that power that makes the world revolve-NOT MONEY.

I am studying for the trainings. As a trainer, I can only emit the understanding I embody. My goal is to give information in a way that is credible as well as interactive. Today I am grateful for my family, friends and my life today. In the words of Biggie…”Damn right I love the life I live cause I went from negative to positive…and it’s ALL GOOD!”

I have become the woman I look up to!

Today I am living the Dream!

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  1. Hi there Niki came and spoke today at our peer support meeting at Metrocare. I am very interested in becoming a mental health/peer specialist. I’m currently a family partner but kind of want to shift in another direction and I feel this is very very very good for me to do that. I had to say I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and she’s wonderful!

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